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Recognition of academic integrity

The Academic integrity is an initial concept of the educational, professional and community life. It indicates the intellectual integrity and ethics, in utilizing and transmitting information; it requires commitment to the moral values and honor the intellectual efforts, to achieve academic success and strengthen confident ethos and trust to obtain better results. The academic integrity represents a moral ethical system to the faculty, teaching staff and apprentices, to abide by, and zero-tolerance for cheating and impersonating or any academic integrity violations.

Therefore, the academic integrity is considered an initial concept of the Advance Learning World platform for the E-learning.

Principles of academic integrity for the apprentices

  • • Through the E-learning department, the academy maintains high academic benchmark in its courses, and expects an academic integrity behavior, from the apprentices, in a fair and honest coherent approach, particularly in evaluating assessments (discussions, assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects).
  • • The E-learning platform provides continuous technical awareness and support to its recipients, to ensure the required understanding to maintain the academic integrity by recognizing that failing to adapt, constitutes misconduct.
  • • The E-learning platform provides its teaching staff and faculty, all records, materials and tools which enable them to fairly handle the excesses perpetrators of academic policies.

Provision of the contemporary guidance and counsel for trainees

The E-learning department ensures on providing the contemporary guidance and counsel for registered trainees, through detailed manuals available on the Advance Learning World platform which demonstrate to its recipients, how to exploit and access live and recorded lectures, illustrated lessons, reports, statistics and tests submissions, etc.

Other methods of academic integrity violation

Behavior takes many forms, which is considered disruptive to the standard guidelines of the academic integrity. Such as:

  • – Cheating.
  • – Academic profiteering of a colleague’s work.
  • – Exploitation of cooperation by a colleague’s dependence on another.
  • – Impersonation of a trainee in a session or in an exam.

A structure to examen the apprentices’ performances, fraud prevention and impersonation.

The Advance Learning World platform relies on a distinctive version to regulate performance management through various global procedures, specialized to function integrally to provide performance records and apprehend violations of the adopted academic disciplines in the learning academy.

  • 1. Designing a combination of equitable and uncoordinated exams, in which questions, are gathered and pre-prepped from substantial annals to cover the trainees’ learning outcome, and to correctly answer without relying on learning by heart and recovering but by apprehension and assimilation.
  • 2. An identity check is required by the instructor through running the trainee’s video camera.
  • 3. Copying and pasting tests questions and answers are unconditionally unauthorized and prohibited.
  • 4. Checking attendance is a principal requirement on the Advance Learning World platform.
  • 5. Test and Exams might be required in person, on the Advance Learning World campus.

To prevent impersonation and forgery: a verification system is set to check the identity of the recipient when gaining access, through the bilateral verification, which secures the account by documenting the recipient’s identity.