Live Classes Sessions 

When it comes to the weekly live classes (sessions), the platform recruits the best experts from around the world in all subjects whom hold higher certificates and qualifications. The Platform allows for live and direct communication with Students, paving the path for discussion and questions, and provides suggestions alongside assistance to students. The Student’s live class schedule appears on the main page of the schedule on the platform. In addition, the ALW operating system sends periodic alerts to remind the Student to attend these classes. Moreover, the Platform is driven by propriety ALW artificial intelligence technology to monitor and follow up the attendance of these classes and reflect results in weekly reports, so that the Student can attend what he missed from the live classes by referring to the Platform’s library

It includes the following levels

  • – Elementary Level (4-6)
  • – Middle Level (7-9)
  • – Secondary High School Level (10-12)

Live classes cover the following subjects

  • – First: Arabic language
  • – Second: English language
  • – Third: Mathematics
  • – Fourth: Science

ABC of live classes

  • – Lessons are presented in creative and innovative ways
  • – Lessons are reviewed by Specialized and Qualified teachers
  • – Doing homework
  • – Solving supportive exercises
  • – Solving Students’ problems and issues with the curriculum

Live Classes Teachers