Digital Learning Made Fun!

In ALW, we share your desire to give your children the best learning opportunities. Therefore, we bring together local and international experts to answer the unsolvable by providing a comprehensive digital learning platform that serves students, teachers, parents, and schools and helps them avoid possible frequent errors in a fun and interactive way

Academic Coverage

ALW provides the best digital learning methods following international standards and offers distinguished educational services and flexible classes. ALW content considers' students' individuality and provides flexibility that enables them to choose a suitable time and place to be ready for learning Students can interact with teachers face-to-face on ALW to enhance effective communication via live webcasts and sessions led by qualified and experienced teachers explicitly selected for the task. In addition, learning videos and live classes can be played back at any time

Why is ALW an important platform?

Because our children deserve a cutting edge and comprehensive education:


Advanced digital learning strategies

Our affordable Platform is based on international standards and advanced online learning strategies

Available Anywhere and Anytime

It is a flexible and accessible learning platform available anywhere and anytime

Artificial Intelligence

It is designed with solution-oriented Artificial Intelligence technologies

Interactive Content

It provides interactive content that encourages students' participation and engagement to achieve ultimate results

Teachers – Parents Communication

It maintains open communication between teachers and parents to provide the best experience to its students

Compatible with the Saudi Curriculum

Our students receive a comprehensive education that's compatible with the Saudi Curriculum