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interactive content

Recorded lessons

Integrating direct communication with the teacher and digital content

Tailored education for each student

Integrated and fully synchronized with the Saudi curriculum

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Determine the strengths and weaknesses of students, in addition to automatic and electronic counseling

Advanced reports for parents and students

Weekly report based on the student’s daily performance

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revision classes

Purpose: to review the summary of the lessons of the week and answer any questions

Teachers: high quality based on specific criteria

Educational levels: all educational levels

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, Arabic and English Languages

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personal digital teacher

For the first time in the Kingdom, wait for a personal digital tutor soon

Vast Library of Content on-demand, Quizzes, and Exams

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget. With thousands of recorded videos with rich animations covering every topic, learning is both effective and fun at the same time.

Work Online

Electric Charge


What is Advanced Learning World?

ALW is a pioneering digital E-learning platform that provides students with a personalized and unique learning experience, using advanced and traditional learning tools in a safe environment. All with the support of Artificial Intelligence and consistent with the best online learning international standards and strategies.  

At Advanced Learning World, we share your desire to give your children the best learning opportunities. We bring together local and international experts to answer the unsolvable by providing a comprehensive online learning platform that serves students, teachers, parents, and schools and helps them avoid possible frequent errors.

“ Thanks to Advanced Learning World, my son’s frequent distraction is gone"

We designed our content in a style that is compatible with state-of-the-art online learning requirements and the students’ ages. In addition, our platform is distinguished by its positive tone, learning games, and the incentive program which rewards students for completing their tasks through the platform.

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“ My daughter’s performance has improved greatly with the artificial intelligence system and the Questions Bank"

The artificial intelligence helped her define her weaknesses and strengths using the Questions Bank, which enabled her to make great progress in a short time.

“ My son adapted quickly to this platform, and now he feels that he belongs here"

Customized learning and how easy my son can use this platform made him belong to it.

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“ I no longer find difficulty following up with my work in addition to my children’s studies"

The platform’s reporting systems made it easy for me to track my children’s progress in all subjects.

“ I’m now confident about the quality of education that my daughter is receiving"

We believe in the teacher’s key role in online learning, this is why ALW provides Elite Teachers and a safe environment for our students. Our platform enables students and parents to visit the teacher’s profile and see their degrees, experiences, and achievements.

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“ My son won’t miss any lessons again"

One of the main benefits of online learning through ALW platform is giving students the needed access to educational content, at any time, from any place, and via any device or system.

“ My son doesn’t need private lessons anymore"

Advanced Learning World is a comprehensive platform that provides a personal teacher for each student.

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Free Trial

Only a hundred Riyals per month

All that and more

ALW’s most important features are:

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AI detailed performance reports

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Interactive and accessible content for students

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Weekly Live revision lessons.

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Personal digital teacher

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Why is ALW an important platform?

Because our children deserve a cutting edge and comprehensive education:

  • Our affordable platform is built with international standards and advanced online learning strategies.
  • It is designed with solution-oriented Artificial Intelligence.
  • It maintains open communication between teachers and parents.
  • It is a flexible and accessible learning platform that’s available anywhere and anytime.
  • It provides interactive content that encourages students’ participation.
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Flexible subscription options:

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Free trial subscription:

For the third semester

Educational content is based on advanced online-learning strategies
Scheduled, high-quality content
Personalized digital learning
Live classes and chat
Available help and support
Pay by MasterCard/Visa
Payment via “mada/” stc pay

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Semester subscription:

300 SAR

Educational content is based on advanced online-learning strategies
Scheduled, high-quality content
Personalized digital learning
Live classes and chat
Available help and support
Pay by MasterCard/Visa
Payment via “mada/” stc pay

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Annual subscription

900 SAR

Educational content based on advanced online learning strategies
Scheduled, high-quality content
Personalized digital learning
Live classes and chat
Available help and support
Payment by MasterCard/Visa
Payment via “mada/” stc pay

ALW classes and subjects

Our advanced digital learning is compatible with the Saudi Curriculum for all subjects and grades and presented in an interactive, fun way.

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Our education is integrated and aligned with the Saudi National Curriculum

Saudi National School

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Islamic Studies

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Social Studies

Looking for an ideal and fun world of online learning? Advanced Learning World is your choice.

Do you want to know the ideal way for students to put more effort and achieve the best education results?

Want a trial on a top-tier education platform?

Start your trial in the “evolving world of education” and get unlimited access to our high-quality educational content

Why Advanced Learning World?

Do you want to provide your children with the best and most advanced learning tools for their future? Then, don’t hesitate about choosing our enriching platform! Here are the eight most important reasons to subscribe to ALW.

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Flexible to suit you and the student’s commitments and activities

It’s an interactive, e-learning platform that you can access from anywhere and at any time.



This platform is all what your children need after school

In addition to being a complementary tool for your children’s school education, online learning platforms are proven to replace traditional learning effectively.



Our platform is based on higher standards and wider horizons

We provide high-quality digital content that will exceed your expectations, and our teachers will amaze you with their methods. We put online learning strategies that are unbelievably precise. Advanced Learning World is nothing like the traditional learning space where teachers stand in front of whiteboards without the required interaction with students. On the contrary, our teachers are known for committing to online learning methods, which require practical skills to guide students in their authentic, interactive learning journey. We selected our teachers especially to be the most creative, motivating, and inspiring mentors and create a seamless digital learning process.



Track your child’s progress through our Parents Dashboard.

Advanced Learning World is a learning platform that enables you to follow up your child’s progress through detailed notes and continuous reminders and notifications to help you make use of that data and improve the quality of time with your child.



Motivation, participation and interaction

It’s one of the most important benefits of online learning! The platform’s interactive focus guarantees that your child is never bored. Instead, they’ll feel excited to participate in video calls and discussions, quizzes, contests, and awards, which help them achieve the desired progress.



Advanced Learning World
is an e-learning platform in sync with the Saudi Curriculum.

It’s an online learning platform entirely aligned with the Saudi Curriculum, which means that students will study the same subjects and lessons available in the Saudi Curriculum.



What’s more?

Our system advances with time, with the help of artificial intelligence, which improves the way your children are learning and strengthens their weaknesses. Artificial intelligence is one of the features of online learning; isn’t that what our children need to build their future in a rapidly advancing world?



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Why "world
advanced education?

Do you aspire to provide the latest means of education for your children and the best for their future? Do not hesitate to choose our enrichment platform! Here are the top eight reasons to subscribe to the Evolving Learning World platform.

Flexible, fits you and fits the student's other obligations and activities

It is an interactive e-learning platform that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.



The platform is all your kids need after school

In addition to supplementing your children’s education at school, distance learning platforms have been shown to effectively replace traditional education.



Our platform is based on higher standards and broader horizons

The high quality of digital content we provide to you will exceed your expectations, and the teachers who provide it will amaze you in their own way. We have developed distance learning strategies with precision that you will not believe, unless you see them for yourself. The Evolving Learning World platform is unlike the traditional setting in which the teacher stands in front of a group of whiteboards, without the requisite interaction with the students. On the contrary, our teachers are distinguished by their adherence to the laws of distance learning, that is, those that require appropriate skills that guide students on the real interactive learning journey. All of our teachers have been specially selected to be the most creative, inspiring and motivating mentors, facilitating the e-learning process.



Follow your child's progress on your dashboard as the parent of the student.

“Advanced Education World” is an education platform that enables you to follow its progress and receive detailed feedback, in addition to receiving many notifications and reminders, so that you can benefit from this information and improve the quality of time you spend with your child.



Motivation... to participate and interact

It is one of the main advantages of distance education! The interactive focus of the platform ensures that your child is never bored; On the contrary, he will feel motivated to participate in activities such as video chats and discussions, tests, competitions and prizes, which will enable him to make the desired progress.



The e-learning platform “a world of advanced education” is synchronized with the Saudi curriculum

It is a distance learning platform that synchronizes with the entire Saudi curriculum, meaning that the students study the same subjects and the same lessons as the Saudi curriculum.



What then?

With time, the system automatically evolves with the help of artificial intelligence, and with it the method
What your children learn, so that they can strengthen their weak points. This feature of adopting artificial intelligence emerges as one of the advantages of distance education; Is this not what our children need to build their future in the age of speed and development?



The best distance learning platform:

The “Advanced Education World” platform provides smart and modern educational solutions, which have been
Developed according to the latest distance learning laws, and in line with national curricula
Accredited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the best methods of teaching and learning.

“Evolving Education World” is an education platform that offers e-learning
It has the best solution, featuring the best in modern digital education, excellent interactive content, and high-quality weekly review sessions.