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The technical bit
  • 11 October, 2020

Our platform is safe, secure and offers a personal dashboard that can be accessed through your laptop, tablet or phone at any time and in any place. It's a cloud-based platform, which means that all information is up to date, protected and fully backed-up at all times (we are powered by Microsoft Azure).

All of our live video sessions are powered by ZOOM™ - currently ranked number one in the world for customer satisfaction in online conferencing. As parents, you'll always have questions and concerns (we'd be the same).

Whenever you do, we'll be here with our ongoing technical support. You can call us, zoom us, or send us a message through your own private dashboard – where you can also keep track of your child's progress and development.

Sign up to your free trial today and try us out for yourselves. The trial is for two weeks, but we're convinced you'll love it long before it ends.