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Unlike the majority of parents across the globe right now, we're not going out of our minds with worry regarding our children's educational futures at such an uncertain time
  • 10 November, 2020

The reason?
Because we're the creators of Advanced Learning World; an online education platform designed to enhance your child's learning away from school – or even to replace it entirely should you choose that as the best educational option for your child.

Here in Saudi, our schools are not presently faring well against the majority of other countries when it comes to rankings for reading, maths and science. If you have some time (a ridiculous thing to say to a parent – we know), give '2018 PISA Report' a quick google search, and you'll see that things aren't looking as good as we'd like for our children's education.

We have the solution to that problem. We bring it to you in the form of a platform that promotes top class digital learning content (goodbye whiteboards and hello greenscreens), live video tuition from the most inspiring teachers in the Kingdom, and personal mentoring to help your child engage and enjoy working their way through their learning achievements with confidence and creativity.

If you feel that your child already isn't progressing very well at school, ALW have the resources to help your child reach expected standards in an educational pathway that works fully in sync with your school and the national curriculum.

Similarly, however, if your child is doing just fine at school, but you know that they could be thinking more creatively, developing higher level thinking skills, and reaching a higher potential, ALW is the resource that can really allow your child to engage, explore and exceed expectation.

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Online safety a concern?
  • 01 October, 2020

ALW allows you to log in as a parent so that you can monitor workload, learning pathways and student progress for yourself. You can even meet your child's teachers and mentors through calls, instant messages and zoom chats, and be as engaged in your child's learning as you like.

Security a worry?
Everything at ALW is fully backed-up, protected, and operating on a platform that keeps both your data (and your child's achievements) secure at all times.

Concerned that your child just won't engage after you've paid for your subscription?
Our digital content has been designed not only by world-class educationists, but also by industry-leading technologists, to make sure that your child's experience is 'less documents, more documentary'. It really does have to be seen to be believed.
At a time when you may feel that expensive private tuition or international schooling are the only options available to you as you look to support your child's education, we're here to show you another way and another world – Advanced Learning World.

Sign up to your free trial today and try us out for yourselves. The trial is for two weeks, but we're convinced you'll love it long before it ends.

And, when it does, we have a range of payment options available for you, because ALW works to support your whole family.